Ackerson Drapery provides a wide variety of different services:

  • Draperies for every purpose
  • Stage Curtains
  • Stage Rigging
  • Window Draperies
  • Cubicle Curtains
  • Window Shades
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Acoustical Draperies
  • Audio / Visual Screens
  • Gym Dividers
  • Cleaning and / or Flameproofing
  • Drapery Pro On-Site Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning


Main Services

Stage Curtains         Blinds          Shades


Quality and Prompt Services

We are in the business of making small miracles. When you need a stage immediately, Ackerson Drapery comes through. We know that schoools are fast-paced, demanding environments. That is why we fit your schedule, No Matter The Circumstances.

Our reliabilty is coupled with unsurpassed quality. Based on our lengthy experience in the industry, we use only the most attractive, yet durable, materials that provide school districts with long-lasting IFR products.

Ackerson Drapery's highly regarded installation team assures your order will have our complete and personal attention. And, rest assured, we are also here to handle all repairs and maintenance of your draperies and other Ackerson Drapery products.

On-Site Flameproofing and "Drapery Pro" On-Site Cleaning

As your local fire officials stress, it is critical that the fire ratings of your window treatments and stage curtains remain current. Ackerson Drapery has been a consistant solution for New Jersey school districts for decades, offering the convenience of on-site and off-site cleaning and flameproofing.

In most instances your curtains and draperies can be cleaned and flameproofed on-site. A visit to your school from our flameproofing specialist saves the enormous expense of having your curtains taken down, shipped off to the cleaners, returned, and then reinstalled. Not to mention, on-site cleaning saves wear and tear, which can lengthen the overall life of your curtains.