On-Site Dry Cleaning & Flameproofing

Ackerson Drapery will clean your curtains on site using "Drapery Pro" dry cleaning & flameproofing process.

Our Drapery Pro process includes the following:

  • Vacuuming all surface dust.
  • Try cleaning on site using our "Drapery Pro" cleaning process. This process eliminates shrinking and shedding caused by off site cleaning. Our Drapery Pro cleaning solvent is injected into the fabric and quickly extracted using a high powered vacuum.
  • Our Drapery Pro Flameproof solution is then sprayed into the Curtain.
  • Each Curtain is labeled with the date of the application.
  • A certificate of flameproofing shall be issued. The Certificate comes with a 5yr certification (Most Municipalities).

Our exclusive line of dry cleaning solvents and flameproof solutions are perfectly suited no matter what type of fabrics are being treated.